The online gay social business network for gay professional men

Plus, most events give you plenty of time to mingle to start to build professional relationships. Feel free to share. Dot is not the only site trying to offer professional networking for such groups. Style Book. ManJam is probably the most widely discussed of all of these social networking sites. Ikke nu.

Making yourself known and respected in the community, be it local or online will open up a variety of doors to opportunities. Technology choice. We are featured in top media. A little activity can go a long way and build in building a rapport. Make sure your language is not only professional but authentic when reaching out as well.

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It lead us to take a look around the gay male online social networking space and write the following overview of some of the current market leaders. Thank you for subscribing. Terms and Conditions. Related Articles. Moovz is the only LGBT app based on content that matters to the community.

The inordinate popularity of online social networks among gay adults has been highlighted by a report by the market research firm Harris Interactive. Buford said.

Lovetastic says its goal is to bring together husbands. OutEverywhere is a paid service for men and women in select countries around the world. With all the issues LGBT people face on the job and in the business community, LGBT professional networking is a must to advance your career and business.

There are personal profile listings with text and video comments enabled for members. Making connections face to face is always the ideal since it provides an opportunity to casually and naturally discuss your business or career in the course of a natural conversation.

The online gay social business network for gay professional men

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