SungJong has been the center of gay rumors and even

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SungJong has been the center of gay rumors and even думаю, что

Sungjong: Innetizens started a rumor mill about which Korean boyband members were gay or transgender. Dongwoo immediately turned to the right, seeing Sungjong on the entrance of the storage room. Then Sungjong took a piece of meat and passed it to Dongwoo, but not into his dish.

Not anymore. Dongwoo didn't turn back to the screen, and Sungjong wasn't paying attention to the movie either.

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  • Infinite is a South Korean boyband which debuted in They are popular for their synchronized dance.
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  • If SungJong is gay, he's probably just keeping it a secret, it would ruin his image.
  • Rome were relatively open about gay relationships
  • Are just an attractive and ambitious man gay bottom who

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SungJong has been the center of gay rumors and even

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