Spain is one of the most gay- friendly countries in

The court ruled that transgender minors who are "mature enough" may register their new sex on their identity cards, and struck down the article of the legislation that limited this possibility only to those over We felt welcomed everywhere we went and felt comfortable holding Spain is one of the most gay- friendly countries in in public.

Since in some autonomous communities, since nationwide. In terms of Pride events, there are more Pride festivals per-capita in Sweden than anywhere else in the world, with over 30 different Pride celebrations taking place across the country throughout the year.

Landing in Madrid was the most incredible culture shock I could have asked for. Where else in the world can you kiss a policeman on the streets? Wise words by the late Nelson Mandela!

Find out more in our detailed itinerary to Uruguay and in our interview with local boy Rodrigo from Montevideo. Fantastic food and culture. Indie pop has also treated homosexuality from different points of view, as the band Ellos, in the song "Diferentes" "Different"or L Kan in "Gayhetera" Gayhereto.

Several openly gay politicians have served in public office in Spain.

Spain is one of the most gay- friendly countries in

Berlin Gay Restaurants. You identify as:. And it didn't stop there, inan openly gay man, Leo Varadkar, became the leader of Ireland Taoiseach. You forgot your password? During the past five years Colombia has increasingly become a gay-friendly country.

However, the island also has plenty of dedicated gay clubs, saunas, and beaches.

  • When I started my trip around the world , I started in Spain with four weeks traveling by bus and train through Andalusia and the Mediterranean coast. The people, the places, the history, the food, the drinks, the prices.
  • Is your favorite destination in the top five? As early as the 19th century, cities like Paris and Berlin became sanctuaries for free-spirited women, African-Americans seeking better treatment, and LGBTQ communities looking for a place to express themselves without fear.
  • Across the globe, society is changing. Countries worldwide are adapting their laws to recognize LGBTQ rights: we can now add both Austria and Australia to the list approving same-sex marriage.
  • With same-sex marriage legal since , Spain is one of the more politically progressive countries in southern Europe.

Drawing from our wealth of experience from travelling to over countries, along with our interviews with gay locals from each place we've visited, we've put together this comprehensive list of what we think are the most gay-friendly countries in the world. Normally in same-sex marriage debates, you have a sad minority droning on about how unnatural we are and how we pollute the sanctity of marriage etc etc… But not in Iceland!

The country offers a brilliant network of gay- and lesbian-friendly homestays which run the length and breadth of the country from the top of the semi-tropical North Island to the depths of the glacial South. Up to , if homosexuals appeared at all, it was to ridicule them as the "funny effeminate faggot".

Spain is one of the most gay- friendly countries in

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