Ilga- Europe the free to meet single gay

The grant was used to support groups in Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, St. Local and regional politicians and the propagation of hate speech It also announced that there would be submissions to the Council of Europe on decriminalisation, and on amending the European Convention on Human Rights to provide protection from discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation.

Ilga- Europe the free to meet single gay

A European White Paper. The Ilga- Europe the free to meet single gay to education, employment, healthcare and housing are all fundamental social human rights guaranteed by the European Social Charter ESC and other international human rights texts. Sexual orientation and gender identity reassignment are explicitly mentioned throughout the report.

About 30 activists coming from all over the world are attending the event, funded by the German and Swdish Foreign Offices. These examples show that some local and regional authorities are on the right track when it comes to mainstreaming LGBT issues in their policies, in co-operation with LGBT organisations.

Protecting and promoting human rights is a responsibility shared by all the different tiers of authority, national governments however have an important role to play in introducing legislation that combats discrimination, promotes a positive change in culture and attitudes and addresses the causes of inequality, thus leading Ilga- Europe the free to meet single gay a fairer and more cohesive society.

The South Lanarkshire Council United Kingdom has adopted a municipal plan which addresses all grounds of discrimination and sets out its legal obligations with regard to equality.

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NR: Members not belonging to a political group of the Congress. Thanks to co-operation, human rights protection can be more effective and in these times of economic and financial crisis and austerity measures, an exchange of policies, ideas and good practices is not only desirable but also necessary to pool limited resources.

In the Ilga- Europe the free to meet single gay of national legislation, the city of Vienna Austria now issues its own gender-neutral marriage certificates to trans people experiencing difficulties in the official recognition of their new gender. Access to employment They may actively send out positive messages about sexual orientation and gender identity, and even publicly address their colleagues from other municipalities and regions to denounce negative developments.

  • This edition is all about community organising - the power of people coming together to meet some of our most fundamental needs as human beings such as safety, care, belonging, sense of purpose.
  • The publications provides very concrete information on trans issues: language to use, legislation, legal gender recognition, gender reassignment treatments all options available , possibilities of support, etc.
  • An unofficial translation of the Novaya Gazeta article from 4 April is available here in English.
  • Timetables and detailed information - tel.
  • In this section you will find all our past and the most recent publications in electronic format. This report provides a compelling challenge to assumptions about the funding landscape in Europe and Central Asia.

On an international level, eighteen European cities are working together to develop and implement policies and strategies for LGBT people in the Rainbow Cities Network. Partnerships with LGBT advocacy organisations and multilevel co-operation with authorities at all levels facilitate exchanges of good practices and a pooling of resources at a time when resources are scarce.

Local and regional authorities should ensure that human and social rights, as guaranteed by international legal texts such as the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Social Charter, are implemented at their levels also. The wide network of LGBT activists developed over the years in Europe was important in lobbying for this development to succeed.

Criminalisation, social exclusion, violence and marginalisation of LGBT persons are widespread and must be halted.

Ilga- Europe the free to meet single gay

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