Gays don t have a lot of testosterone

I don't know if I'm quite grizzly enough. The second study was an examination of twins by psychologist Michael Bailey of Northwestern University. More interdisciplinary research is needed to better understand this fascinating aspect of human behavior.

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I do not lack empathy. According to Meyer-Bahlburg, a score of the studies in fact showed no difference between the testosterone or estrogen levels of homosexual and heterosexual men. Quotes tagged as "testosterone" Showing of That drop in T levels in the populace is due to the poisonous foods and polution.

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Another way to pass on the seemingly nonreproducing gay gene would be for a nonreproducing gay man to have an extra interest in seeing that the offspring of his siblings survive. Linda McMahon. The statistics came back the same as they had in previous studies.

My Science Shop Elements Flashcards. Hormones and behavior. I summarize here the main principles that govern sexual differentiation identified by experimental studies in animals. In gender-dominated environments, men have a tendency to Politics Men Women Power.

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Gays don t have a lot of testosterone

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