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I wasn't sure how to tell my conservative, Georgia-born and bred parents that their former pageant queen daughter was ending her marriage because she is gay. This would perhaps be more convincing if Dan Cathy, Chick-fil-A's CEO, acknowledged as wrong, and directly apologized for the comments that he made in about the company's belief and support of " the biblical definition of the family unit.

We spend most holidays together, attend gay (opinion) - CNN conferences, we even have plans to take the gay (opinion) - CNN to Disney World in the fall.

gay (opinion) - CNN

Zuckerberg's important message on miscarriage. My life would change forever after a simple Google search in November The chronicles of Rudy and Don. Kamala Harris drops bid for presidential nomination. North Dakota, where laws and the culture " Fargo " may have something to do with it, too are less favorable, is only gay (opinion) - CNN.

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The rising Equality Vote has the potential to put LGBTQ issues at the center of electoral decision-making and activism -- both in and beyond. According to a recent paperthe Earth is caught directly in the crosshairs of a cosmic hurricane. Preserving the past experience of the former while enriching and evolving the Potter universe for the latter was never going gay (opinion) - CNN be easy.

It is a plight that I have seen firsthand. But after engaging three Republicans at a Living Room Conversation, she changed her mind -- what we're gay (opinion) - CNN, she says, is a personal connection with those across party lines. Hearing the experience of others felt like hearing my own: married to wonderful men, mothers of amazing kids, the perfect gay (opinion) - CNN practically every woman strives for.

Read more opinion on CNN. Going forward, our intent is to leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena. Don't diminish your child's actions in coming out. Fitting for a two-faced corporation, Chick-fil-A is biting two tongues at once: the one that refuses to acknowledge the right of anyone to love whomever they please, and the one that proudly mingles what the company calls in its Chick-fil-A Foundation priorities "staying true to its mission of nourishing the potential in every child" with a cowardice about the holiness of those of God's children who are also gay children.

Hong Kong court rejects legal challenge for same-sex marriage. You always will.

Gay (opinion) - CNN

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  • Jun 06,  · Melisa Raney shares the intimate details of what happened after she realized she was a lesbian at age 36, after building what she thought was the perfect life. Oct 10,  · The presidential election will determine whether the Trump administration's attacks on LGBTQ rights are allowed to continue -- or whether we .
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  • Mar 21,  · Holly Thomas writes that J.K. Rowling's most recent comment on Dumbledore's sexuality should have come years earlier. And if she could not have stated he was gay in . When the CNN/HRC televised LGBT Town Hall ended at midnight on the East Coast, I felt more like I had survived an entire Jerry Lewis Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy (OK, this dates me) rather than an informative interchange between Democratic candidates and a lively audience.
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  • Jun 04,  · Amy Mackinnon writes that current asylum laws must be loosened so gay Chechens, at risk of detention and torture, can escape and take refuge elsewhere. Mar 20,  · For LGBT people, the United States has turned into a complicated mess of 50 Americas -- most of which discriminate against them, says CNN's John Sutter.
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  • Mar 20,  · Opinion: America is at a crossroads on gay rights University of Calgary Professor Elizabeth Brake supports "minimal marriage," in which people . View CNN Opinion for the latest thoughts and analysis on today’s news headlines, political op-eds, global views and social commentary from David Axelrod, W. Kamau Bell, Carol Costello, SE Cupp.
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