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MCs: two Mexican-American teenage boys coming of age in s Texas. You can read and re-read at your own pace, bookmark parts that you like, and share your favorite excerpts with your partner for a sexy gay adult novels online that's unique to you.

Tracee allows Robby to stay on his ranch until he feels he is safe again, but what will happen to the threesome, and who will win out in the end? First I was a sorcerer.

gay adult novels online

Apr 10, PM. Published: October 25, Close Protection ebook by Cordelia Kingsbridge. Words Published: 18,, To help his family rise from the ashes, Duan Fang will have to marry into an influential family.

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That all changed when a new girl gay adult novels online to their school district and people starting to go missing mysteriously. The first rule — no falling in love — becomes harder to heed the longer the two men are together, with neither of them knows what is going to happen next.

Lorenzo never expected to be looking for a new pack. His wife is drifting away and his children are busy handling their own victories and disasters.

The Novelty Maker by Sasha L. In an alternate world, a solitary man is visited by a ghost during his sleepless nights as he wrestles with the loneliness of his days. Sex Stories has a 13 different genres , and some genres fiction, for example have up to 25, stories included.

Gay adult novels online

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