Being gay is Unnatural

By analyzing the DNA of nearly half a million people from the U. Important - for all UK citizens living abroad. You can read us daily by subscribing to our newsletter. The studies cited by actively homophobic organisations like the Coalition for Marriage were funded by anti-gay organisations, or have basic methodology flaws — for example, they Being gay is Unnatural compare married straight couples with un-wed gay couples, or they would take a person who may have had a single curious experience with the same sex and define them as exclusively homosexual.

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Being gay is Unnatural

Pedophiles have targeted both sexes so by your argument that means both gays and straights are all pedophiles!! To say homosexuality is unnatural is uneducated, mutations occur throughout natural, it effects skin Being gay is Unnatural, and is an important part of the progression of a species.

Like Being gay is Unnatural Challenge. But I think a more precise understanding of the teleological argument and the is-ought fallacy helps us to answer the original challenge the caller had. It's a natural part of the body.

The mating of human beings of the same sex can not ever of themselves produce the scientific and biological result that the coming together of two human beings of the opposite sex can in fact produce.

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It is not natural for Being gay is Unnatural man to put his penis up another mans anuswhich is the part of the body that excretes feces and is not a sexual organ in homo or heterosexual relationships Report Post. Traumatic Incident in Past i.

But rather than Being gay is Unnatural against the teleological argument, that principle works against a common argument in favor of homosexuality, which is, if homosexual interests are natural to someone, they are therefore morally acceptable.

Not everyone needs to have the same preferences as everyone else. The American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association, and even gay researchers recognize that homosexuality cannot be reduced to biology alone.

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  • The caller made the teleological argument, that looking at what the natural functions of the male and female reproductive organs are for, we can draw certain conclusions about how they should properly be used. The caller asked if the challenge was incorrect and how to respond to it.
  • Lets say everyone turns gay.
  • I'm sure I am not the only person who has asked this, but it is something that concerns me because I am gay. I have physical AND emotional attraction to males.
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It should come as no surprise that the directors of the organisation are religious and manipulation of the results was easy. If you follow us on Twitter, you probably already know that a couple of weeks ago we held our longest session yet of research and development for our ongoing project looking at queerness in the Read more….

They are monogamous, and usually stay together for life - as it takes two parents to successfully rear a chick together. It also omits from history the married gay couples of ancient China and Rome, Mormon polygamy, and the ancient Egyptians who could marry their sisters.

Being gay is Unnatural

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