Being gay is due to genes or environment

According to Dean Hamer and Michael Bailey, genetic aspects are only one of the multiple causes of homosexuality. Cameron compares this group to college and non-college heterosexuals ; ii his sworn statement that "homosexuals abuse children at a proportionately greater incident than do being gay is due to genes or environment is based upon the same distorted data--and, the Court notes, is directly contrary to other evidence presented at trial besides the testimony of Dr.

Log In. InItalian researchers conducted a study of about 4, people who were the relatives of 98 homosexual and heterosexual men.

being gay is due to genes or environment

Nevertheless, Hamer and others praise the new contribution to a field that suffers from a dearth of good studies. Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing. The handful of genetic studies conducted in the past few decades have looked at only a few hundred individuals at most—and almost exclusively men.

Being gay is due to genes or environment прощения

But clearly none of the direst predictions have materialised. June being gay is due to genes or environment Others will prefer activities that are typical of another gender. Historically people have turned to animal observations and their behaviors to gain a feel for what is natural and what is not.

Daryl Bema social psychologist at Cornell Universityhas theorized that the influence of biological factors on sexual orientation may be mediated by experiences in childhood. Ellis et al. The findings showed that 35 per cent of the differences between men in same-sex behaviour that is, that some men have no same sex partners, and some have one or more is accounted for by genetics.

Reuse this content. Category Portal. An ambitious new study — the largest ever to analyze the genetics of same-sex sexual behavior — found that genetics does play a role, responsible for perhaps a third of the influence on whether someone has same-sex sex.

A study suggests linkage between a mother's genetic make-up and homosexuality of her sons. In a study, its authors stated that "There is considerable evidence that human sexual orientation is genetically influenced, so it is not known how homosexuality, which tends to lower reproductive success, is maintained in the population at a relatively high frequency.

She is a former staff reporter at Nature, New Scientist and Science.

Being gay is due to genes or environment

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